a man looking at a tablet for medical information
A man in a lab coat holding a clipboard
Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Produce trusted, quality medicines for markets worldwide through our best-in-class global manufacturing and distribution capabilities.

A scientist in a lab using a microscope
Research and Development

Use your scientific and medical expertise to address the evolving healthcare needs of patients through innovative solutions that improve access to high quality medicines.

A man in a lab coat and face mask inspecting equipment

Lead the way in ensuring high standards are met for providing safe, effective medicines for patients everywhere.

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Sales and Marketing

Drive our commitment to improving access and education on trusted, quality medicines.

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Data and Information Technology

Impact the lives of people worldwide by leveraging technology to connect insights that deliver access to high quality medicines.

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Enabling Functions

Leverage your expertise in areas such as finance, legal, HR, corporate affairs and compliance in support of our global operations so patients can access the medicines they need.

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Gain valuable experience while making a difference and helping to empower patients around the globe to live healthier lives.

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Current Colleagues

Ready for a new opportunity? Find your next role at Viatris and continue to build your career.